After the hostage rescue, the U.N. says actions by both Israel and Hamas may be war crimes, and other news.

  • The office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights is “profoundly shocked” by the impact on civilians of Israel’s raid in which four hostages were freed, a spokesman, Jeremy Laurence, said on Tuesday. Gazans have described intense bombardment during the operation on Saturday in central Gaza, in which more than 200 Palestinians were killed, according to local health officials. The office also said it was “deeply distressed” that armed groups in Gaza hold hostages in violation of international law. “All these actions, by both parties, may amount to war crimes,” Mr. Laurence said.

  • Israel’s military said that three of the four hostages rescued on Saturday had been held in the home of a Hamas member it named as Abdallah Aljamal. Mr. Aljamal’s death was confirmed on Sunday by Gaza’s Government Media Office, which said he had worked for a Hamas-affiliated news agency, Palestine Now.

  • Israel’s Parliament revived legislation that would allow ultra-Orthodox men to be drafted into the military, a divisive issue that has become especially contentious since the war in Gaza began. The measure passed early Tuesday by a 63-57 vote, a procedural step aimed at keeping the issue in the hands of legislators instead of judges, who have repeatedly determined that the exemption, dating to the founding of Israel, should not stand.

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