Because you are my friends – Ghumi Ghumi For Fashionistas

Because you are my friends – Ghumi Ghumi For Fashionistas

By Oghale May8,2024

From time to time, I have told a blog about a coincidence over the years of travel that has been more or less in trouble. We have been stuck on a local train in Naples, which has crashed in a dark tunnel; On Lake Como on a mountain cart trail or on the Amalfi Coast between a tree and a rock. It has also been close by that we have not been reported as a car thief in Tuscany when we got stuck in the monumental morning rush hour in Florence and the return of the car was badly delayed. There have also been bombings at Nice airport during interrogation, and that’s what was a hot situation. In other words, it hurts the doer, but everything is always clear. And here, too, there were only a fraction of the tense places that have come across over the years.

But those coincidences of the trips are not always (thankfully!) Just heartbeat-thrilling, but they also happen to be remembered for years to come. People I meet along the way when it’s the salt of life and tourism. In the past, I have reported our tire crime in Tuscany in May and the surprising help we received at the time. Today, in turn, came to mind an even older memory of the early years of adulthood, when we got our first taste of Italian kindness. So let’s go back for a moment to the last millennium and our first trips to Italy.

We lived in the late 1990s and my wing and I were on holiday in Emilia-Romagna on the shores of the Adriatic. In my twenties, the holiday program included not only admiring the scenery and sights, but also a certain clubbing, and in Rimini it was more than good. It was already our third holiday week with these sedans, so the coastal partyers had already become very familiar. The heavenly delicacies of the Rimini trattoria, as well as the wonderful owner and staff, whose people had had enough to do, had also become familiar.

One night we started to miss the variety of close-up clubbing and asked the trattoria people how to get to L’Altro Mondo Studios outside the city , whose great mood, super good muse and light show we had heard a lot about, and we should get to experience it too. The owner of the trattoria listens to the pensive look on our face and we are waiting for an answer mainly from the address or something similar. But isn’t that what, after a moment of silence, he asks because we would like to go? We answer that even tomorrow and so he inches that Come visit again later today, as our Vakkari trattoria is also the discoteca owner Vakkari Trattoria and he would be coming to eat in an hour. What a coincidence!

We leave with passionate feelings for Passeggiata to digest the poles of Venus, or tortellines, and return to his trattoria later. The owner of the trattoria is already waiting for us and with a wide smile on his face he says come here tomorrow night at the same time. He has arranged for us a ride and a surprise – perché tu sei mio amico , because you are my friends. Jumping for joy, we thank and arrange a date for tomorrow, the same time and the same place.

The next day goes on the beach in a wait-and-see bubbling vibe, as in the evening there would be no basic oats but one of Europe’s best-known discotechos. When evening comes, I put the lilac on the eyelids and we walk up to the trattoria to wait for our ride. And that’s where we rode, already waiting at the counter, in his snake-patterned pants and his white collared shirt. The owner of the trattoria introduces us to each other, an even wider smile on his face. Our driver is not the running son of the place but the owner of the discoteca itself.

With a confused feel of confusion and joy, we go to his car and drive to the outskirts of the city. The owner of Discoteca turns out to be a really easy-going guy with whom to talk for a long time. Soon, however, we are already there and we are turning into the yard of an industrial hall-like building. The exterior doesn’t reveal what it’s like to go inside, but the steady bass rumble and the long string meandering to the door give promise for the future.

The owner of the place welcomes us to his kingdom and asks to follow after him. We walk past him with a long queue and he introduces us as his guests to the door staff. We are going to pay the entrance fee, but no no, there will be no hearing. We get the indignant glances of the queuers and the astonished expressions of the staff. This inviting tourists may not be everyday.

He introduces us to the interior of his kingdom, where the atmosphere is already on the roof and a stunning light show going on. At the end of the tour, he will take us to the bar counter, provide drinks and instruct more staff. We don’t hear what he says to them, but the staff nods and looks at us in confusion. The owner of the place digs his business card out of his pocket and writes something in Italian behind it. He hands the card to us telling us to show this at the bar, if there are any staff other than the one we just met, they already know how to act. You are my VIP guests today, order whatever you want and how much you want. I offer, because the friends of the owner of the trattoria are my friends too. Enjoy the evening show and have fun, my staff will take care of you and transportation will be at your disposal.


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By Oghale

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