Car Attack in Jerusalem Injures at Least 3

Car Attack in Jerusalem Injures at Least 3

By Oghale Apr22,2024

The Israeli authorities said they had arrested two men in Jerusalem on Monday after a vehicle was used to ram into pedestrians, injuring at least three people, in what the police called a terrorist attack.

Video of the episode broadcast on Israel’s Channel 12 shows a car speeding around a sharp corner and ramming into a group of people, who went flying over the top of the vehicle. Pictures shared on social media by the police show a white sedan that had crashed into another car on a small street.

After hitting the pedestrians, the vehicle appears to crash into a parked car, according to the video. Two young men then run out onto the street, pointing weapons, before fleeing the area.

The police said that the two men were arrested in a nearby store that was closed, and that a weapon used in the attack had been recovered.

It was the latest attack in Jerusalem in recent months, since Israeli forces went to war against Hamas in Gaza. Last month, a 15-year-old boy stabbed two Israelis at a checkpoint at the entrance to Jerusalem. In November, a gunman killed three Israelis at an entrance to the city, and a fourth Israeli who opened fire on the assailant was killed by Israeli soldiers who mistook him for a participant in the attack.

On Monday, video posted online by Channel 12 after the arrest shows men being led away by law enforcement officers as a crowd of ultra-Orthodox Jews, some standing on rooftops, clap and cheer.

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By Oghale

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