Christmas in London: so do it!

Christmas in London: so do it!

By Oghale May8,2024


Christmas in London is a unique experience that you will never forget. This city is beautifully decorated like no other in Europe. And the department stores also have fairytale decors and Christmas trees. You will find the most beautiful Christmas markets and Christmas shows. London in the Christmas spirit is therefore really a must to visit. But there is so much on offer in activities and Christmas markets so well, where to start? We have listed the best and most special activities for you.

Christmas lights in Regent, Bond and Carnaby Street

Oxford Street is London’s main shopping street. This street is really beautifully decorated with Christmas lights. And be sure to walk to Regent Street. This is perpendicular to Oxford Street and is the chic shopping street of London. The shop windows here are beautifully decorated and the street itself is full of luminous angels. Truly a phenomenal sight. Bond Street is somewhat smaller, but also very impressive during Christmas. Here you will find the designer shops with beautifully decorated shop windows and shops.

Southbank Centre Winter Market

Christmas balls stall at Southbank Center winter market

The Southbank Center Winter Market is a Christmas market that takes place every year. You can find it near the London Eye Museum. The delicious scents will meet you there. A real traditional Christmas market with beautiful handmade gifts, Christmas decorations, live music, theater and mulled cider. The market is there from the first week of November to the first week of January. And while you’re on a city trip in London , pay a visit to the Camden market. This is not a Christmas market, but a really fun market with all kinds of artistic and handmade products and clothing.

The fairytale lighting of Covent Garden

Winter scene in London’s Covent Garden with a Christmas tree and snowfall

Covent Garden is a beautiful neighborhood in London. It consists of a shopping street and a covered area where there is a market. Many famous films have been shot in Covent Garden and it looks like a village in the middle of the city. It is a very lively area with many buskers and street theatre. You will also find many vintage and second-hand shops. At Christmas, Covent Garden is beautifully decorated and lit up. Nice and lavish with lots of bling, Christmas balls and wreaths. Covent Garden also houses one of London’s most popular Christmas trees. Or kiss someone under the familiar mistle. If you want to travel quickly, choose to travel to London by plane, boat or train . You will be there in a few hours.

London in Christmas spirit from a double decker bus

A tour with a double-decker is of course really part of a visit to London. This way you can see all the decorations and lighting in all streets and parks at once. You take this tour with a Routemaster bus from the 1960s. The tour is commentated with the well-known English humor. It is the ideal way to see all the beautiful lighting and decoration.

The department stores

Recognizable red telephone boxes with the atmospheric lighting of Harrods in the background

When in London, be sure to visit the typical English department stores Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nichols. And at Christmas this is really an absolute must. Harrods is a winner with its fairytale-like shop windows. And every year there are different themes and activities in the department store itself. Think, for example, of a Christmas market in the store, delicious fresh Christmas treats, special events and the most beautiful decoration. And while you’re there, be sure to bring some English tea and the world-famous brownies.

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