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Lagosians beg Sanwo-Olu to impose a ban on Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) on Lagos roads



Lagosians beg Sanwo-Olu to impose a ban on Vehicle Inspection?Officers (VIO) on Lagos roads

Back in 2017, Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) were banned from Lagos roads by Governor Ambode but they returned early this year. Now, Lagosians have taken to Twitter to call on newly sworn-in Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to impose a permanent ban on them. See the tweets below…@jidesanwoolu Sir, kindly continue the ban of VIO on Lagos roads. They are out in full force causing traffic as usual.— Michael Abimboye (@mmakesense) May 31, 2019 VIO’s are back on lagos road……. please His Excellenecy @jidesanwoolu let them star with comercical buses and not innocent private car owners…..— N.I. Peter….. (@iamnipeter) May 31, 2019Good Morning Uncle Jimi and Buki ,the Governor of LAGOS has started well.However, the VIO officials must be monitored or else private car owners will sufer.If they are ready for business they should start comerical busses. @ClassicFM973 #paperview— N.I. Peter….. (@iamnipeter) May 31, [email protected] new lagosVIO out at 8am LASTMA looking sharp and bright.Everybody looking serious….hmm— Taiwo Temitope (@taiwo7228) May 31, 2019To be honest VIO is a plague on Lagos roads. Please let them stay in their offices abeg. Even when all your paper are complete…they will still find something to charge you with. And the least amount is 40k, after which you have to go and beg for a reduction. 15k at least.— Patrick Silhouette (@silhouette_see) May 30, 2019The prayer in the bus was for VIO not to be returned to Lagos Roads— Cubytee (@Cubytee) May 30, 2019The post Lagosians beg Sanwo-Olu to impose a ban on Vehicle InspectionOfficers (VIO) on Lagos roads appeared first