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Mr. P launches ”Zoom up your life” lottery



Mr. P launches

Mr. P (of the Psqaure fame) has recently launched his pet project called ‘ZOOM UP YOU LIFE WITH MR P’ aka. ZOOM LOTTERY.ZOOM aims to support and change lives by giving out up to N2MILLION NAIRA MONTHLY in raffle draws, doling out cash prizes and supporting people in their different careers be it Business, Entertainment or Sports. To play the Zoom Lottery all you need to do is purchase your Raffle Ticket at:www.zoomlifestyle.comLucky winners of the lottery would win exciting prizes including cash, phones, appliances, studio time, business promotions and much more!Members of the ZOOM NATION would also gain exclusive access to bonus prizes, Celebrity meet-ups and special event Mr. P stated: Our aim is to changes lives, take you to a new level, that’s why we called it Zoom Up Your Life. We are determined to achieve this goal with our ever-loving fans. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can now play the Zoom Monthly Raffle Draw to stand a chance to win millions. Follow us on @zoomupyourlife (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)#ZoomLife #MrP #Lottery #ZoomNationThe post Mr. P launches ”Zoom up your life” lottery appeared first