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PHOTOS: Why Leave Corpers Sleeping On The Floor Like This?



Why many were sleeping at home on Friday night, hoping that the elections would commence by the time they got out of bed, corps members deployed as ad hoc staff were abandoned to their fate in various parts of the country.

While some managed to sleep on benches, others were “packed like sardines” on bare floor.

The corp members, numbering hundreds of thousands, were deployed to each of the 36 states for the presidential election initially scheduled for Saturday, as well as the other polls. Like has always been the tradition, they were to assist official staff of INEC in election activities, usually acting in supervisory roles in the various polling units.

But while INEC held a meeting that lasted well over five hours to decide on the way forward regarding the elections, members of the NYSC deployed were unattended to in some parts of the country, forcing them to find solace wherever they could: in cars, benches and even open fields.

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