The BIG3 Reportedly Offered Caitlin Clark $15 Million To Play For The League

In the span of a month, Caitlin Clark accomplished a ton of impressive feats. She reached the Final Four and NCAA championship game for the second year in a row, guested on Saturday Night Live, went first overall in the WNBA Draft, signed her first WNBA contract, and inked a HUGE deal with Nike.

One of the things she didn’t do was sign with the BIG3, the 3-on-3 basketball league founded by Ice Cube. It turns out Clark may not have even known the opportunity was available.

Jeff Kwatinetz, co-owner of the BIG3, wrote in Outkick that the league had offered Clark a deal worth $15 million to play for them. Kwatinetz claims Clark never heard the offer because her agents didn’t inform her about it.

Matthew Holst/Getty Images

“We have reason to believe these male agents and executives controlling the sport never even shared our trailblazing offer with Caitlin let alone facilitated Caitlin meeting with the BIG3 to discuss the opportunity,” Kwatinetz wrote.

His article blames the “entrenched pro basketball system” and says that it’s “failed” Clark. He also laid out the particulars of the BIG3 offer.

The BIG3 was prepared to give Clark a $10 million salary over two seasons. She’d own a percentage of the team, get 50% of merchandising revenue that used her name and likeness, and would receive a seven-figure advance to own and star in a BIG3 documentary. In total, the deal was worth $15 million — and potentially more, depending on how much merchandise Clark sold.

Clark’s coach would be two-time Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman, one of the pioneers in women’s basketball. Kwatinetz said that Clark would still get to play in the WNBA, though the BIG3 season overlaps with the WNBA. It would be interesting to see how Clark navigated any scheduling conflicts.

Kwatinetz also noted that BIG3’s offer far outweighed Clark’s salary in the WNBA. She’ll earn $76,535 this season and about $338,000 over the duration of her four-year rookie contract. However, WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert claims Clark could potentially make up to half a million dollars.

Clark’s Nike deal will pay her $28 million over eight seasons, and she has other NIL potential, too. She’ll be doing quite well financially.

Still, she would have been a huge draw for the BIG3, which has been a men’s league to this point. Clark dominating the college game and then debuting in two professional leagues would only add to her accomplishments. While no deal is happening, at least Clark now knows what kind of offer is on the table.


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