These are the best European destinations to celebrate New Year’s!


New Year’s Eve should be a party. It is of course very nice to spend the last evening of the year at home with friends and family, but it is also very nice to visit another country. There are a number of cities in Europe that are known for going big with New Year’s Eve. We have listed the best European destinations to celebrate New Year’s below and wish you a  Happy New Year!

1. Paris

Paris , also known as the city of lights, goes big every year on New Year’s Eve. The Eiffel Tower is completely lit up which looks beautiful. Big parties are also organized throughout the city and at 00.00 everyone gathers on the Champs-Elysée to watch the amazing fireworks show. In addition, there is an abundance of France’s most famous export product: Champagne! Need we say more?

2. London

The English capital London is also doing great. Everything is possible here on New Year’s Eve. Around the famous London Eye is an amazing fireworks show that is featured on the front pages of the newspapers worldwide. In addition to this famous fireworks show, you can also party here in the many clubs and pubs. Around midnight, hundreds of thousands of people gather around the Thames to enjoy the beautiful fireworks. New Year’s Eve in London is amazing and an unforgettable experience! cheers!

3. Vienna

You won’t think of Vienna at first , but New Years Eve is celebrated in this city too. Usually there is a lot of snow here on New Year’s Eve, which makes it extra festive and romantic. You can also buy tickets for one of the many galas and balls that are held in the city. So bring your chic clothes! One glückliches Neues Jahr!

4. Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its great parties and this is no different with New Years Eve… In the evening you will find several street parties throughout the city where you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer and enjoy live music. Be aware of some Catalan traditions. For example, you have to eat exactly one grape at twelve o’clock and if you want to be very lucky in the next year you have to wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve. After noon, the parties move indoors. The many gigantic clubs pack a punch and you can of course party here until the late hours. Unlike the aforementioned destinations, fireworks in Barcelona are not really a thing. If you like this you are in the wrong place in the Catalan capital!

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