Top Players In MLS Right Now

Major League Soccer (MLS) has burgeoned into one of the most exciting football leagues around the world, hosting a myriad of talents. A diverse mix of established stars, young prospects, and football veterans converge on the field, creating thrilling matches and spectacular goals.

With that in mind, lets check the top players who have been setting the MLS stage ablaze with their remarkable skills, providing an eclectic blend of insights to appeal to every football enthusiast out there.

1. Carlos Vela (Los Angeles FC)

Carlos Vela, Los Angeles FC’s superstar, is an embodiment of raw talent and finesse. His incredible agility and prolific goal-scoring ability have catapulted him into the echelons of the greatest players in MLS history.

How Does He Perform?

Carlos Vela has been a tour de force in MLS, amassing numerous accolades, including the prestigious MVP award. His prolificacy in front of the goal is unrivaled, consistently featuring amongst the top goal-scorers since his arrival.

Year Club League Games Played Goals Assists
2023 Los Angeles FC MLS 29 9 8
2022 Los Angeles FC MLS 35 12 14
2021 Los Angeles FC MLS 20 5 6
2020 Los Angeles FC MLS 8 4 2
2019 Los Angeles FC MLS 33 36 16
2018 Los Angeles FC MLS 29 14 14
    • Golden Boot Winner
    • Multiple MLS Team of the Week appearances
    • Known for scoring stunning long-range goals

Playing Style

Vela’s playing style is synonymous with flair and creativity. He constantly bamboozles defenders with his quick feet and exquisite dribbling, while his vision allows him to provide game-changing assists and create scoring opportunities, enhancing the overall fluidity and dynamism of his team.

2. Josef Martinez (Atlanta United)

Josef Martinez of Atlanta United is a striker who has redefined the boundaries of goal-scoring in the MLS. His instinctive positioning and lethal finishing have made him a paramount figure in the league, leaving fans and pundits alike in awe.

Record-Breaking Goals

Martinez has shattered records, with his goal-scoring exploits earning him a revered place in MLS lore. His knack for being in the right place at the right time has seen him secure the coveted Golden Boot and break the single-season scoring record.

Year Club League Games Played Goals Assists
2023 Inter Miami MLS 23 6 1
2022 Atlanta Utd MLS 26 9 4
2021 Atlanta Utd MLS 25 12 1
2020 Atlanta Utd MLS 1 0 0
2019 Atlanta Utd MLS 32 28 4
2018 Atlanta Utd MLS 39 35 7
2017 Atlanta Utd MLS 21 19 1
    • Holds the record for most consecutive games with a goal
    • MLS MVP
    • Golden Boot Winner


Martinez’s presence on the pitch is emblematic of relentless pressure and attacking prowess. His agility and acceleration make him a constant threat to opposition defenses, while his work rate and dedication have endeared him to fans and have been pivotal in Atlanta United’s success.

3. Raul Ruidiaz (Seattle Sounders)

Without any doubt, Raul Ruidiaz has been a revelation since joining the league. His clinical finishing and intelligent positioning have earned him a reputation as one of the most reliable strikers in the league.

Goal Scoring Prowess

Ruidiaz’s remarkable ability to find the back of the net has been crucial for Seattle Sounders. His sharp instincts and composure in front of the goal make him a constant scoring threat, earning him respect and acknowledgment across the league.

Year Club League Games Played Goals Assists
2023 Seattle Sounders MLS 18 5 1
2022 Seattle Sounders MLS 18 9 2
2021 Seattle Sounders MLS 27 17 1
2020 Seattle Sounders MLS 4 1 0
2020 Seattle Sounders MLS 18 13 6
2019 Seattle Sounders MLS 26 15 7
2018 Seattle Sounders MLS 16 13 1
    • Clinical finisher
    • Consistent goal-scorer
    • Integral part of Seattle’s attacking lineup

Value to Seattle Sounders

The Peruvian striker’s contributions go beyond his goal-scoring records. Ruidiaz’s presence up front creates spaces for his teammates, allowing a more versatile and fluid attacking approach, thereby solidifying his indispensability to Seattle Sounders’ offensive unit.

4. Cade Cowell (San Jose Earthquakes)

The league is filled with teenage sensations in the last couple of years. Among these names, you will find Cade Cowell. He is rapidly rising through the ranks. With his relentless energy and versatility, he represents the next generation of American soccer talent in the league.

Promising Talent

Cowell’s versatility enables him to operate efficiently across the frontline. His impressive pace and formidable strength have caught the eyes of many, marking him as a future star in the making.

Year Club League Games Played Goals Assists
2023 San Jose Earthquakes MLS 19 1 3
2022 San Jose Earthquakes MLS 31 3 5
2021 San Jose Earthquakes MLS 33 5 6
2020 San Jose Earthquakes MLS 2 0 0
2020 San Jose Earthquakes MLS 17 1 1
    • Young and Versatile
    • Remarkable pace and strength
    • A promising prospect for American soccer

His Role in the Squad

Cowell’s involvement has injected fresh vigor into San Jose’s gameplay. His continuous improvement and adaptability have fortified San Jose’s attacking options, projecting a bright future for both the player and the club.

5. Gustavo Bou (New England Revolution)

Gustavo Bou of New England Revolution has been a standout performer with his clinical finishing and intelligent play. The Argentine forward has become synonymous with consistency and reliability in front of goal.


Bou’s consistent goal-scoring prowess has made him a crucial component of New England’s offensive unit. His innate ability to be at the right place at the right time has resulted in numerous crucial goals.

Year Club League Games Played Goals Assists
2023 New England Revolution MLS 14 5 3
2022 New England Revolution MLS 19 8 2
2021 New England Revolution MLS 31 15 8
2020 New England Revolution MLS 4 1 0
2020 New England Revolution MLS 19 7 4
2019 New England Revolution MLS 14 9 2
    • Proven goal-scorer
    • Clutch performer
    • Regular contributor to the team’s success

He is a Key Player

Bou’s impact is not confined to scoring goals; his work ethic and commitment are exemplary. His experience and leadership qualities are vital for nurturing young talents within the squad, thus enhancing the overall team dynamics.

6. Hany Mukhtar (Nashville SC)

Hany Mukhtar has been instrumental in creating opportunities and dictating the flow of the game. The German playmaker’s vision and technique are pivotal to Nashville’s offensive schemes.

Creative Force

Mukhtar’s creativity and exceptional ball control are the driving forces behind Nashville’s attacking ventures. His adeptness at delivering precise passes and his proficiency in dead-ball situations make him a versatile attacking option.

Year Club League Games Played Goals Assists
2023 Nashville SC MLS 28 15 9
2022 Nashville SC MLS 34 23 11
2021 Nashville SC MLS 33 19 12
2020 Nashville SC MLS 18 5 4
    • Exceptional creativity and vision
    • Proficient set-piece taker
    • Key playmaker for Nashville SC

Influence on Nashville SC’s Play

Mukhtar’s influence extends beyond his creative playmaking. His leadership and strategic understanding of the game are integral in shaping the team’s tactical approach, ensuring a cohesive and balanced style of play.

7. Dániel Sallói (Sporting Kansas City)

The Hungarian forward,Dániel Sallói, is a radiant talent whose flair and versatility have added a new dimension to the team’s attacking repertoire.

Versatile Attacker

Sallói’s adaptability allows him to seamlessly fit into various attacking roles. His keen sense of positioning and impeccable finishing skills have established him as a formidable threat to opposing defenses.

Year Club League Games Played Goals Assists
2023 Sporting Kansas City MLS 30 7 7
2022 Sporting Kansas City MLS 29 7 5
2021 Sporting Kansas City MLS 32 16 10
2020 Sporting Kansas City MLS 5 0 0
2020 Sporting Kansas City MLS 4 0 0
2019 Sporting Kansas City MLS 28 1 1
2018 Sporting Kansas City MLS 33 14 7
2017 Sporting Kansas City MLS 23 3 1
    • High football IQ
    • Diverse attacking skillset

Squad’s Drive-Force

Sallói’s significance to Sporting Kansas City is multifaceted. His relentless energy and intelligent movement create spaces and opportunities for his teammates, while his commitment and passion embody the spirit of the team.

8. Cristian Espinoza (San Jose Earthquakes)

Cristian Espinoza, the Argentine winger for San Jose Earthquakes, has emerged as a constant source of creativity and pace on the flanks. His dribbling skills and precise crossing have been instrumental in San Jose’s attacking endeavours.

Flank Dynamo

Espinoza’s explosive pace and close ball control enable him to take on defenders with ease. His ability to deliver accurate crosses and contribute defensively makes him a well-rounded and valuable asset to the team.

Year Club League Games Played Goals Assists
2023 San Jose Earthquakes MLS 30 12 8
2022 San Jose Earthquakes MLS 34 7 13
2021 San Jose Earthquakes MLS 32 3 8
2020 San Jose Earthquakes MLS 5 2 1
2020 San Jose Earthquakes MLS 21 2 10
2019 San Jose Earthquakes MLS 30 2 13
    • Exceptional pace and dribbling
    • Accurate crosser of the ball
    • Two-way player contributing in both attack and defense.

What’s His Value?

Espinoza’s multi-dimensional play adds depth to San Jose’s offensive play. His relentless running and work rate have a galvanizing effect on his teammates, emphasizing his integral role in the overall team strategy.

9. Maxi Moralez (New York City FC)

Maxi Moralez is a central figure in orchestrating the team’s offensive plays. With his nuanced understanding of the game and remarkable agility, Moralez has been a creative spark for his team.

Creative Maestro

Moralez excels in creating goal-scoring opportunities with his incisive passing and exceptional vision. His ability to maneuver through tight spaces and his ball control make him a constant threat in the attacking third.

Year Club League Games Played Goals Assists
2023 New York City MLS 4 0 0
2022 New York City MLS 32 5 9
2021 New York City MLS 34 4 12
2020 New York City MLS 4 1 1
2020 New York City MLS 12 1 4
2019 New York City MLS 30 7 20
2018 New York City MLS 35 9 18
2017 New York City MLS 31 5 8
  • Notable Traits
    • Exceptional Vision and Passing
    • High Football IQ
    • Integral to NYCFC’s attacking flow

Impact on NYCFC

Moralez’s influence is pivotal in defining NYCFC’s attacking identity. His leadership and experience are invaluable assets for the team, fostering a harmonious environment and inspiring younger players to elevate their game.

10. Yimmi Chará (Portland Timbers)

Yimmi Chará is one of those players fans come to the stadiums to see every week. He has been lighting up the league with his blistering pace and technical brilliance. His flair and versatility have been key components in Portland’s offensive dynamics.

Speed and Skill

Chará’s ability to accelerate past defenders and his impeccable ball control have made him a nightmare for opposition defenses. His versatility allows him to adapt to different offensive roles, adding a layer of unpredictability to Portland’s attacks.

Year Club League Games Played Goals Assists
2023 Portland Timbers MLS 15 1 2
2022 Portland Timbers MLS 34 4 9
2021 Portland Timbers MLS 34 6 8
2020 Portland Timbers MLS is Back 5 0 0
2020 Portland Timbers MLS 19 4 7
    • Exceptional Dribbling and Pace
    • Versatile Attacker
    • Provides Width and Depth to the team

The X-factor

Chará’s dynamic style of play and his relentless energy have been catalysts in Portland’s attacking endeavors. His ability to create and convert chances has been crucial, rendering him an indispensable asset to the Timbers.


How many teams participate in MLS?

The number of teams has expanded over the years. As of the last update, there are [specific number, e.g., “27”] teams, but this is subject to change as the league continues to grow.

Which cities have MLS teams?

MLS teams are spread across various cities in the U.S. and Canada. Some examples include Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and Atlanta, among others.

How is the league structured?

MLS has both an Eastern and Western Conference. Teams compete within and across these conferences during the regular season, leading to the playoffs and the MLS Cup final.

Who are the most successful teams in MLS history?

Teams like LA Galaxy and D.C. United have historically been very successful, but there are other teams with multiple MLS Cup wins as well.

Do MLS teams compete in international tournaments?

Yes, MLS teams compete in tournaments such as the CONCACAF Champions League, where they face clubs from other North and Central American countries.

How does the MLS playoff system work?

After the regular season, the top teams from each conference advance to the playoffs. They compete in knockout rounds leading up to the MLS Cup final.


Even though Soccer, or Football still isn’t among the most popular sports in the country, like in Europe, we can see that it is starting to break ground. Numerous super-talented players are coming to the league every year. Here, we’ve shined a light on some of the best ones.


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